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CL Type Gear Coupling

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Main Products: Cardan Shaft, Gear Coupling
Model No.: CL Brand: Huading Place of Origin: China
Packing: Wooden case

CL Type Gear Coupling

Gear Coupling

Model: CL Type

Norminal Torque: 710kN. M - 1000000kN. M

Allowed Rotation Sppeed: 3780rpm -300rpm

Connection: Keyway & Shaft hole 

Shaft Hole Diameter: 18mm - 560mm

Shaft Hole Length (Y): 42mm - 8000mm

Applications: Metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation industries, petroleum, chemical, general machinery and other heavy machinery shaft drive.

CL-type gear coupling is suitable for connecting two horizontal axis drive shaft, with a certain compensation for the relative deviation of the performance of the two axes, passing nominal torque of 710-1000000N.m. CL-type gear coupling is a removable rigid coupling, made by two shell with internal teeth and two external teeth of the sleeve, the sleeve and shaft are connected by key, the two shells connected with bolts Integrally, between the shell and sleeve with a seal ring.

Maintenance Method:

Gear coupling maintenance generally is in accordance with the following methods:

1. Check the coupling tooth surface meshing situation, the contact area along the tooth height of not less than 50%, along the tooth width of not less than 70%, tooth surface shall not have serious pitting , wear and crack.

2. The coupling outside the ring beating no more than 0.03mm, round face round beating is no more than 0.02mm.

3. If need to remove the ring gear, you must use special tools, no beating, so as not to bend the axis or damage. When the equipment is installed, the ring gear should be heated to about 200 ℃ and then installed on the shaft. External ring gear and shaft interference is generally 0.01 ~ 0.03mm.

4. Back to the middle of the cylinder or other components should be based on the original mark and data assembly.

5. With a torque wrench evenly tighten the bolt.

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